Friday, October 30, 2009


This was taken after I made a fixture on which to rest my digital camera on the twin lens. The interior magnifier popped up so this is shot through that with only a small portion of the ground glass visible. The glass and magnifier are both very dirty but I think that could be a slight advantage as I could photoshop random spots out of each image. Or, I could clean it the best I can and leave the spots in every image much as Atget had his consistent negative holder markings. This will work itself out in time.

Thursday, October 29, 2009


In starting a blog for the Propanicus Moon Etsy store the question has become whether to use Blogspot/Blogger or Wordpress. I know that there are more options but these are the two I am familiar with. My initial reaction is that Blogspot looks to be the goto site for the artsy-craftsy set and could quite easily generate much more traffic. Wordpress, however, has a much more logical and extensive Dashboard making editing and tracking a breeze. There are more pros and cons for each site and I will get to them as this trial progresses. For now I will be listing the same post on each site and see what floats to the top. Please feel free to comment and throw in your two cents - more opinions are always welcome. Most importantly; if you like what you're seeing Spread The Word!!

On The Way to TTV!

I finally found my Ansco Twin-Lens camera and now just have to make a few adjustments to shoot through the viewfinder. My initial test shots were nowhere near being focused but they had an interesting, and unique to each shot, bright spot in the image.The image above is, as everyone can clearly see, a windsor style chair with a large plant in the background. I do like the roughness this can bring back to photography especially when living in an area, and age, where film has simply become impractical. I suppose it could all be handled through the mail but where's the instant gratification in that? I will be posting my progress right here for your voyeuristic pleasure so stay tuned and keep coming back!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Well, a lot of cards have been listed for the past couple of months. I'm looking for the book photos so I can list them as well. I'm also working on a pattern for the Poulsbo Bag - large and small - and will have that up in a few weeks ( I have to knit both of the bags first!)