Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Wordpress is a cleaner, harder looking site while Blogger is somewhat warm and fuzzy in relation. Blogger seems to have solved some of its earlier problems with photo handling and the like. Right now the thing that is really pushing me toward Blogger is that Wordpress keeps losing my header image and it really pisses me off! Especially when I'm trying to restore it and Safari locks up and the dogs gather round to stare at me whining and looking expectant. Tonight's round goes to Blogger!
   As I am viewing the above little rant that I pasted into Blogger i can't help but notice that the background is white. Where did that come from? I am still giving Blogger a slight edge tonight, through no fault of their own, as the dogs did not find this to be their optimum moment for asking out. Now I must paste this addendum to Wordpress and see what new development turns up there. Tonight I do also like that Wordpress changes whatever font is pasted into the font being used on that post. If I wanted a different font this could be a problem but tonight I just want everything to blend in. Sorry - this will have to be a draw.

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  1. Two things: I never use Safari for Wordpress, strange things happen so I stick to Firefox

    Also, if you copy and paste, always do it from a plain text editor. If the text comes from anywhere but a .txt file then some formatting might come with it (like the white bg)

    hope this helps.