Wednesday, January 6, 2010

On The Live Side

This evening I dropped the three prints off at the ACWC for the annual Local Color Members show which opens next Friday, January 15th. Two TtVs and one plain ol' photo. (They don't fit on here very gracefully, but I suppose that a lot of that has to do with my inability to make them conform at this point. Oh, wait, they're looking better!) These prints are not (yet?) available on Etsy but might be at some point if I figure out a better way of getting them printed - I don't want to impose on friends every time I need one. While there will be more work being dropped off the rest of the week, there is a surprising lack of photographic representation this year. On my quick look through the stacks, I didn't see any others though there must be some in there somewhere. There are, however, quite a lot of paintings, pastels and drawings and even a few bits of fiber art floating around. This year is the Arts Council's 35th Anniversary and their theme is Progressions so we'll see how much everyone has progressed! One area I need to work on in order to progress is learning to take better photographs of my photographs - the problem is more than just using a tripod, I'm thinking I need some sort of lighting set-up. That can all wait for now. In their own (here blurry) way I think the two TtVs look pretty good and I like the other but have to stop buying brown frames.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Am I Back Yet?

I think I'm back, just still can't fight that semi-depressed nuh feeling regarding all things photographic. Should probably use this blog for the crafty stuff and start a new one for the photos. It's all getting way too complicated and labor intensive - especially when I'm sooooo nuh.
On the up side: I have three photos ready for the Arts Council for Wyoming County Member's exhibit, Local Color. Barbara, over at Days Light, printed them for me and they look great! I should take pictures of them all framed up before I drop them off tomorrow. that way I can post them some time in the next six months.
I also have a book making class over in Perry in the near future, don't know the dates yet but I'd better get started on ordering supplies.
Back later with actual pictures.